Hello, my name is James


Last month, I came to this store


But, the truth is I do not remember how much I came…


If you are placed in a cardboard If you notice…Well, I think I do not care that such fine !


Rather than that, life here is comfort !


It has recently addicted DEAIKEI site !


I love the girl !


Haphazardly, type the spree send an email !


In particular, an older woman is I like


I respect that MILF killer Mr. Monta Mino on behalf of Japan


Monta is nice !


But, money’m consuming to send an email…


But, do not worry !


I take the money from the cash register of the store in such a case !


Charges, charges !


Charges is nice !


KOISO is easy !


Very easy


Easy = KOISO


I enjoy today !